The Cross Process

An International Rock & Roll Collaboration

2020 brought many challenges, and not being able to travel or see friends, forced me to spend more time in my Tokyo home working on music by myself. I started to realize that I have a community of talented musicians around the world and wanted to collaborate despite any lockdown.

My music needed words and melodies, and I wasn't going to let those lockdowns get in the way of creative progress. That's when I started reaching out to vocalists who could add a new energy to what I crafted.

They have creative freedom and there aren't any limitations, requests, or preconceived thoughts on how or what to sing. It's up to them, and the results have been far better than I could have imagined.

This is The Cross Process.

Jason Garcia - Tokyo



Brian Talenti is a songwriter / multi-instrumentalist currently based in Austin, Texas.  Prior to the release of "Phases" in 2010, Brian fronted two bands in Phoenix, Arizona; '90s grunge rockers “100 Iced Animals” and post-alt band “Haggis”, who released 3 CDs from 1998 through 2002.  In 2008 Brian joined Austin band “Beautiful Supermachines” in the drummer role, culminating in the release of the 2009 CD “Shut Up” released on Chicken Ranch Records.



Hammo Mat is an international recording artist who's recorded and toured with numerous music projects, including the critically acclaimed, USA-based bands, “Living Daylytes”, and “Eurovox”. Currently a solo artist in the U.K., Hammo is a highly-regarded and accomplished musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. “I love what I do.  Feeding the souls of others.” Find HammoMatMusic on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch.



Shelley Barratt is a singer and songwriter, a child of the southwest with the mind of an artist. Writing with instinct and intuition, Shelley has composed, recorded, and produced three independently released full-length albums and other recordings with minor acclaim. She has collaborated with recording artists, hosted music showcases, and created music for modern dance, special occasions, and visual media. "Good groove. Cool imagery, theme," –Billboard; “The powerful combination musically and lyrically creates a sound that is truly unique and refreshing... a breath of fresh air,” –GoGirls Music; "Shelley's music has merit overall but what makes her distinct is her songwriting… catchy rock-pop-folk tunes… blissful… rhythmic… curious,” –IMG Music.

The Cross Process - Gibson SG - KOTJMF


Tokyo, Japan  •  Purely International

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